Sunday, January 31, 2010


this is just about my luck is seems that for now everything i have orders for my arduino is out of stock, though i think they have gotton the arduino now, there stock changed on friday but i dont think it will be sent out untill monday, but just about everything else i have wanted so far is out of stock, so yay.

but i am trying to get a few more things, finding some parts is proving to be more of a challange than i wanted. so am none to happy about that. i am trying to get any parts i can out of some scanners, or printers, but getting them in my mall town has proven to be allot harder than i was thinking it would be.

but i am glad i could get what i wanted so far, so thats good.

i am trying to think about building my extruder and trying to think about where i can get some material for my print bed some nice thick aluminum would be great, but hard to find at the moment.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


yay i just ordered my arduino mega board just to find out that they were out of stock, though i could have swore that i say they had a good amount in stock last week. so thats a pain. but i am glad that i have it ordered any how. i can start learning how to do more with it and making more progress that way.

then the bad news is that today i tried to source some parts for my repstrap and it was no go the one place in town will not let anything go once it is in there possession. i am trying to find some parts to build my X,Z,  axis out of and this is not helping, and neither is my budget.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

eventful past few days

now that my week of holidays is over it is back to work yay.

but i have decided that i will be going with a clone of the arduino mega it is the DFRduino it is just a different color that is about all this is where i found it and where i will be ordering it from, but i think for now it is my best choice.

there has been some intersting chats going on at the reprap user forums been learning allot over the past few days, from what i have been reading i should also be starting to think about building my extruder too, so far about all i have gotten on there is the fact i want to use a mig welding tip has my extruding tip.

what has not helped me too much over the past few days is the power outages i have been getting, they even stopped me from working.

but i still have allot of thing i need to get, for this project, i am in the progress of trying to find a few dead scanners, and one or two bigger inkjets to see if they have the steppers i will need.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

next day

well here is my progress for today, i have had to change my plans a little bit. i am not going to be able to make my extruder go on the Z axis it was just too big and heavy, it seemed like too much of a waste to try to cut up that one piece to make it shorter. that and i don't have the tools to do it my self so i will work with what i got but any how here are some pics any how

Friday, January 15, 2010

yay great day for progress

well today i made allot of progress i got a plotter from a sign place here in town and i am in the process of tearing it down for parts, and so far i have made allot of nice finds, i just hope i can use them once i get the stats for them. if i can get the information for them.

so this is a great day for progress i think, i was not thinking i would be able to do something like this for a long time

i am going to use this part has my extruder Y axis

i hope to get allot more done in the next few days during my week off work i will to what i can, but i do not have allot of money right now, so what i can do is limited to pretty much free, that is what makes today such a great day

Monday, January 11, 2010


well today i learned a very good thing indeed, i learned that i may be able to make things in sketchup for my reprap. this news made me very happy. i am not the best with cad programs and i do not find them all that nice to use some days, but this one i can use, i hope to find out in the forums if this has worked for other people, i hope so any how.

and in a few days i will have enough in the bank to order the first parts for my reprap and that will be the arduino mega, so i am happy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Arduino Mega

i have been looking into what to use for the main processor on my repstrap, and i think i should settle with the arduino mega. the one they have for the kits is nice and has all the ports on it and an atx power supply plug on it, but it is harder for me to get and more expensive, thought it dose have an sd card slot on it and that would be nice to have.

but i think i will go with the arduino mega it is bigger than what i need, and has more memory. so i think in the next month or so i will be buying that one, i hope i can afford it soon any how.

i wonder what shipping will be for it

arduino mega sparkfun

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i found out today that a store in town sells 40 chain and small sprockets too, so i may use that in my design too, i will have to see what is it like when i get time off and go there.

at work we have some small geared down motors for humidifiers i found my self wondering how well they are built and how much torque they would have.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

base and deck

i am starting to think more about how i can build my base and the best way to build the deck for printing on, so i am running different ideas though my head on how to build it and what to build it out of.

i am thinking i will put the frame on a board of HDF or MDF what ever i can find our buy, but for the bearings and the moving parts i am still stuck on using some sort of tube, and use 3 bearing to secure it, or just to use  a metal track. i think this way it may need less parts but it will not be has secure.

i am also trying to figure out the best way to move up and down the Z axis belting is the most simple, but if i use a treaded rod i think it will be allot more sturdy, and accurate.

but for now, i should just work on the frame i think and one step at a time.

Friday, January 1, 2010

rep strap

i decided to make a Rep Rap some time ago in early 2009 and i thought this would be the best time to start it.

but seeing how i am just starting out with all of this i thought it would be a good idea to just use what i could find locally. at work i found a base of a chair that think will make a good chassis that is in the pic here has well.

but i thought that would be a good place to start both the project and this blog with. So i will learn allot in the next few months i think, and i hope it all goes well too

this is the device that i would like to build in time