Tuesday, July 27, 2010

stl and sketchup

in my trolling around on the net today looking for a way to open stl files i found this site http://sketchuptips.blogspot.com/2010/03/sketchup-stl-importer-redo.html
it dose seem to work well. just just have to tell it what measurements to use when you open it, you will see an options button when you see the import file. it is in there, but so far it has worked for me on a few stl files. so yay

Monday, July 26, 2010

ultimachine so far i like them

today i got some more parts in from http://ultimachine.com/ he even sent a few samples of his PLA, and so far it seems like it is good stuff, though seeing how it is my first time seeing it in person, you may want to take that with a grain of salt. but he sent my stuff very promptly, and all that he sent me was well packaged,

i bought some bolts, nuts, nylon lock nuts, end stops, and a few other things, and over all i am very very pleased with what i have bought, so i feel comfortable recommending him if you need any things he has, though for me he had a few things that i have found very hard to find, so kudos for that.

i will be off work here for about a week, so i am looking forward to getting some more things done when i am not traveling around . thanks for reading my blog any how, and have a good day.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

another board, it was a slow day

well yesterday i decided to try to make another board, i saw one on a blog some where, that was just a board to drop in  a pololu 4983 stepper motor driver carrier you can find it here. i like it allot so far it has been very easy to use and very powerful.

but on this board there are the inputs for the driver, step, dir, enable. on of the other things i was able to do with this one that i do like, is that i was able to make the stepping adjustable from full to 1/16th micro-stepping. i did that with the 3 rows of pin headers at the top. i was also able to have the outputs for the end stops out on this board too, so that for each driver has its own end stop connections on each board, so that you know what end stops are for what motor. all i did with them though i provide a power pin and a ground pin and a signal pin for min and max end stops, in time i want to ad the opto end stop circuitry onto this board.

nut the board that inspired me to make this was for this stepper drivers bigger brother. and i wish i could remember who it was that made it so that i could give some credit to him where it is due. i liked the idea so i thought i would try to make one for this board. i also am making this board with a PC power supply in mind, so that is why i only have the one connector for power and ground.

if any one has any other pointers please feel free to tell me. i am still trying to figure out how to get eagle to make the edge of the boards so that i know i can make them from a service like the one sparkfun offers or seed studio offer

oh ya i forgot i posted it on thingiverse http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3601

Saturday, July 24, 2010

a few little updates

nothing major to update, i will be going on a trip for about a week next, so when i am in alberta i hope to get some parts that i am having a harder time finding here. mostly just small things like the metric nuts and bolts. and a few electronic pieces i need in order to make my power supply.

but i did notice there are a few nice new tools out there this week with the updates to Replicator G, they have some nice updates on it, that i think allot of people wanted to see. blogger has a nice new tool avainable now too, http://draft.blogger.com/ i like the new stats tools it now has.

though the other day i could have sworn i saw a nice pololu stepper driver board on thingiverse but now i cant seem to find it. but i did like it, it had a good layout.

i am also thinking about starting a canadian store for reprap parts and makerbot parts. it is still just an idea but i like the idea, and i think canada could use one, but for now i am just mulling it over. and looking into what i would need to do.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

extruder parts

i ordered more extruder parts yesterday, from ultimachine.com they did ship everything the next day so that was allot faster than i was expecting. but i ordered some things that i have not really found any where else. and that was some metric nuts and bolts that i needed for my extruder.

they also have some small heat syncs for my stepper drivers there too, that i have been having trouble finding up here. so i was able to find a few things i needed at the very least.

Friday, July 9, 2010

just wanted to say thanks

hey there i just wanted to say thanks to Kevin  who sent me some extra parts he had, so i got around to building it, and i still need a few bolts for it and some other things to get it all in there and done up right. but i thought i would post a few pics of my progress on it, and i hope to find the bolts i need soon. but for now i just wanted to say thanks for the help.

i must say i do think the build quality on these parts is rather good, i hope he didn't give me his good ones.

but from this i will have it all up and running soon i think, and i am allot closer than a was a few weeks ago..

for now i am just happy to get this far one step at a time.

can any one help me mag a gear i would like to have made though. i want a longer spur gear for the stepper motor i dont think this one will fit it just right has is, it is a little to far back i think.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

to build an extruder or to buy one

now that summer is here i am looking at my options when it comes to my extruder i am not sure if i will have all the time i need to build one now, so i am thinking about buying one.

i have ordered from makergear before and i did like what i ordered and they have a nice kit here http://www.makergear.com/products/operators-pack

are there any other good deals out there.?