Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Xmas

Merry Christmas

i got some more things i needed printed today like some gears for the extruder. i went with herringbone gears on this one, the piece that the extruder is mounted to seems to be one of my cursed pieces, it took like 4 times for it not to bodge up on printing, and the big gear was not much better today. i also got some of the bars shortened up too so now it dose not look so odd.

soon i will order my motors that i need and the other stuff, i think i will keep with the ramps setup so far it is stable and for what it is fairly compact.

i will say this much about the x axis with the one i went with it sure will make my printable area allot smaller than i thought. so i might be looking at changing it up again i may end up going with another Bowden type, i am iffy on that, but i think it would give me the biggest printable area, and it has not been that much of a issue with my Huxley Michi,  with less mass on it too would have other benefits too.

the first one i started to print was the big guy on the right before i realized it was not the one i wanted, but i thought it was kinda a good way to show the size.

but i am still making progress, i hope to start to sell kits soon, i dont know how much i will get for them just yet, but hey i can start at least getting a little of the money back.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

x axis

i am getting more and more of it together, i gotta cut the smooth rod still but hey its nice to see still.

i will order some steppers and the other stuff i need in Jan, i think i will go with another ramps setup.i am going to have to get creative for for my printing bed again i think

Saturday, December 17, 2011

hot ends and parts

these are the hot ends i got from mix shop. the second one i got was a little better than the first one.
i found that high temp silicone gasket maker, the papers for it here says that it has a working temp up too 318C and a top end of 345C

i am getting the new extruder together i need to reprint a few parts again. 
but thats life, i will also need to order my steppers here soon. along with a new ramps board.

the new x axis i want to try on this Mendel.
to me it seems like a good idea, this way it is less trouble to change things out.

i am getting more things together but i still have a few more things to print still and i need to work on the bed still, i am not sure how to do that one just yet.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


i just wanted to share this  that is a cool robot, i wonder how printable a guy could make somethings like that.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

getting there with Sfact

i sarted to use Sfact the other day and so far i like it, but just to make things a little harder on my self i also started to use the sprinter firmware too, so far there a good match just some minor issues i am trying to figure out.

 my X and Y and good but i have issues with my Z first one was that it was stepping way too fast so it missed allot of steps. but after i got that figured out i noticed that my prints were still not the right height. so i took off the /1.25 that was in the firmware for some reason. and i am just doing my test prints for that now. 

this is my first watertight print, after i saw 
how well it printed i figured i would try it.

new chopstick holder

old (left) vs new (right) you can see the difference from repsnapper to Sfact.

one of my first prints, just a few issues eh.

getting the bugs worked out, the last one is where i started
to fix the stepping too fast problem and started to get the extruder settings fine tuned

with any luck i will start to print out more pieces for the people that i know who want a mendel of there own.  but i am happy to see with this newer software and firmware they will be allot better pieces.

oh and is anyone else getting a compiler issue with the new arduino SDK and the sprinter firmware.?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

sfact started and other bits

i got some other things built and done today, i finished off my opto endstops, for my mendel. i  also started to work on my settings for sfact, it is already printing nicer, well right up too when the wire broke off the heater. I should be able to fix it tonight I hope.

well today i started to use sfact. i was doing my trial run then my heater yay for nichrome.

i still have some settings left to fine tune, but this is a good start i think. all the settings were stock in this print and it worked fairly well i think.

i am trying to figure out how to set some of my settings in sprinter, the only thing i am not sure about is this really
float axis_steps_per_unit[] = {58.18, 104.3, 8150/1.25,17.6}; 
i am not sure what the 8150/1.25 is exactly and i have since learned that last one is my stepper that i have since fixed. what is this in there for though /1.25 that is what i am unsure of

i have learned that i do have a backlash issue on my X axis it only ever seems to creep up on me when i have lots of small moves on that axis.

i have been trying to mod some parts to be better and more printable on my Huxley due to its smaller size, i hope to post them soon, i am having issues with the models not being very solid and holes in them but i will have a post on that soon i hope.

Monday, November 28, 2011

getting back into gear again

yay getting things back into gear, time to start bodging things up

i am starting to get things sorted out and in there place.

I am getting things layed out a little more how I would have liked them since the basement in my old house, but it will be a little harder to print now when my wife wants to use the main computer. i am going to have to work on that soon i think,

my Mendel is coming along i am still finding snags here and there, mostly i am finding some parts harder to print than others, due to the size of my Huxley.

but i hope to order some more steppers and the electronics for it here soon it is nice seeing it come together.

i do hope that i can start working on some of my older ideas here soon, it kinda sucks having so many things going on, and with my new job and new hours to get used too things are going to be interesting, i just hope we can get things back into order sooner than later.

though i will tell ya this it sure feels nice to be printing things again, it really is a bug that bites ya hard.

Friday, November 18, 2011

mix shop order

i got some of my orders today, or at least i got back to open them.
first is my small order from i made it a small one just to see how good there stuff was. it was what they said it was and there seems to be some good work done on them, i would have like to see the heater block sanded a little on some of the edges to take off a few stray burs left behind but that's about all that i have issues with. i will order more from them, but for now i do recommend them if you are in Canada.

the M4 nut for my extruder i think will be a big improvement over the one that i have not, that broke on me again. i did a post on it here the spare broke in the same way but you can see that the new one is allot more beefy

and from good old ultimachine i got some more opto endstops and some more bearings, i like those guys the best so far. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

.35mm hot end tip

well i have switched my hot end to the .35mm one i ordered from makergear, and so far it has been working allot better for me. i am getting better details and i find it less trouble for strings vs the .50 i started with. maybe it just has a harder time oozing out of it between jumps in location. i will say this much about the .5mm and that is the fact that the walls are allot thinner so i find my self doing 3 walls deep, but it dose print allot nicer though, i am going to try to print another diamond here for a test run, just to see how much better it is printing.

i hope that on Monday i can get my new spools of PLA they finally made it to the post office, i wonder how much customs is going to ding me for this one. me and them don't have a great history.

i am still wonder what i will do for my new Mendel i would like to get all new steppers and electronics for it, it would make it allot nicer having 2 working units vs just 1 working. that and i do kinda like the new 1.4 ramps setup.

i am still working on trying some new things, but i have some issues to work out still. like how to get 3mm I.D. stainless steel tubes to fit into some 6mm threads, i am thinking about trying to make the one end wider by hitting a center punch into it, i bought extras i will just have to try it on one i guess.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

moving yet again

yay i am moving yet again, but just to make it even more annoying i have 1 more package that seems to be moving very slow for how much i paid for shipping, i hope it gets here next week..

but i took a new job in swift current so i will be a little closer to the things i need. i hope any how.

i have not been able to do much printing, just a few small things to show people.

i think i am going to try to make the switch to sfact here in the next day or so. i just hope it works with my current firmware, it a little old now but its been very good to me.

i hope to have a few more things done on my Mendel here tonight,  i need to get much better at printing pulleys,  some of the teeth just never seem to print right with repsnapper.

Monday, October 3, 2011

domain woot

woot i got a domain for my blog now,

i am now in the middle of moving so progress will be a little slow yet again, so that kinda sucks.

but soon i can start work on a new work shed on our acreage, so that will be allot of fun.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


sometimes ya just gotta make things a little bigger

i am not skilled enough to get it to print hollow just yet, but getting closer.

my wife was always bugging me for a bigger ring, 100% pure she thought it was funny

i was thinking so hard how to get it to print with the ring on it, i forgot i could just use a lighter to melt them together. goes to show ya just need to step back some times.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Stainless steel tube

When I was in Tokyo i found some 3mm stainless steel tubing,

i thought it might make for a interesting extruder design,  because there is not nearly so much metal to take the heat up the tube, i need to find a way to attach 6mm threads to it so that i can mate it to a makergear hot end, and to figure out how to get it to attach to a extruder

but i liked this idea, there is less metal to take the heat up the tube, i think the stainless steel should also be a little stronger than the brass too, but i could be proven wrong there too. i will continue to work on this idea for a bit and see if i cant get anywhere with it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

i am not dead honest

i am still alive, but my life has been is just a little chaotic, i am getting spread a little thin it feels like, but i am still making progress on my frame for my Mendel

it is getting closer, i will need to buy bearings soon

i really got to work on getting better contrast  for some of these pics

but a few ideas are starting to brew in my head again i hope i can get them designed soon. so that i dont forget, i am wondering if there is not a way to use some of that smooth copper or brass tubing from a hobby shop to make a extruder with.

i will also be moving soon, but that is proving to be allot more trouble than i was expecting. so thats also been taking up allot of my time.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

getting better results

i have been fine tuning my settings in repsnapper, and i am now starting to get some very good results this part has not been cleaned yet  it is not a perfect part but they are getting allot closer now. 

i am now printing the one for the other side. i was hoping to find more ready rod today but i was only able to get my hands on 1 more piece, i will get some more on tuesday i am pretty sure all the places that i could get it will be closed tomorrow for the long weekend here.

overall though i think things are starting to come along well. i still seem to have issues with PLA oozing from the top of the hot end, where the brass goes into the peek. I thought i got it back together properly last time, though this time it is allot slower, i am going to have to order the spare parts for my hot end soon i think. at lest in 6 weeks i will have allot more spare cash, after the vacation.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

its multiplying

well i am finally starting to print a mendel, but i was only able to get 2 pieces of 5/16 ready rod today so that kinda sucks, i have most of the pieces i need for the frame, printed and so far it is going together fairly well.

i was surprised to see just how close 5/16 is to 8mm rod, but so far it is working well for me. i hope i can get a couple more pieces tomorrow but i am not sure if i can, yay for sunday.

this was all the ready rod that i had.

i tried some pieces on a raft they printed well enough but i am having a little trouble getting all the raft bits off it.

i hope to have the parts for this one fairly soon but i know a good chunk will have to wait until after our trip to japan.

i did have one strange thought though, on the top i wonder if it would make it any stiffer if i used a third piece of ready rod in the middle hole, kinda one of my strange ideas.

Monday, July 25, 2011


this is very very cool little program i wish this came out a long time ago i like how it works its still pretty new but it has some features that i like and i hope it gets a few more to make sure it is going to work, but hey it is still really really new ,but hey i like this i just fiddled with it

i thought i would share this.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

a short update

it has been a interesting weekend, part of my extruder broke, 

you can see the broke one here

i am getting it fixed here

and one of my first working prints

but after i got my extruder fixed i thought i would clean my hot end, and i guess i didn't get it back together well enough. and that made a bit more of a mess to clean oh well lesson learned there.

but i am starting to get the settings right for the new roll of PLA it was a little smaller diameter that the last stuff i was using so i had to learn what the new settings were for it,

i am now starting to print pieces for a Mendel i am not sure if i am going to sell them or use them my self just yet. i am still having issues with printing gears still.

sorry for the dark pics i was not able to get them into picasa first.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

yay my package got here yesterday so i am back to printing again, i will post some more pics here tonight.

i got in some more nuts and bolts and a spare pololu driver, another spare thermistor, and a power resistor for my next hot end.

i did not think it has been that long since i last posted on here, my how time dose fly when your busy working. i also have to start getting ready for my trip to japan with my wife, we are looking forward to that one allot.

here soon i am going to look at building another extruder, i wanna look at the mini extruder, but i think i will just make a wades extruder. another thing i still need to work on is printing gears, i am not having much luck with small details still but i am slowly getting better are getting them out.

one i my crazy ideas i got the other day was to try to hobble a m8 nut, it seems like it might be a interesting idea, it would also give it a bit larger diameter than just the bolt but i am not sure how well it will work just yet, i think i would need locktite at the very least. but i may play with that idea a little more.

i am going to keep trying to print mendel parts this week, and see if i can manage to get a work ing print some time soon

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

more pla on the way

well the other day i ordered a 5lbs role of pla, and a few other things too, i thought it would be good to get a few more spare parts., but i didn't have the spare cash for a spare hot end from makergear, but i did order some more m3 nuts and bolts, a spare pololu driver. a power resistor and a thermistor again,

but i hope this will get me printing again, and i hope to make a new wades extruder i really liked how that hobbed bolt gripped the wire, it was allot more secure feeling than the one i have not, but i don't mind the adrian's extruder that i am using now too, so far it has  been good to me. but the one i sent to my friend when i tested it out sure seemed to hold it allot better.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

strang bolts

i went out today to buy some more bolts but i have never seen blue ones before
so dose anyone out there know if the blue color means anything.?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

some mendel pieces

here are some mendel pieces that i printed so i am hoping i can start to build a proper mendel soon.

you can see the difference with  how i am learning my settings. better in this pic.

Friday, June 24, 2011

getting to back to business

well i think i got part of my issues solved, i am back printing again, with a little creative thinking any how. i ended up turning the motor mount upside down, after getting it leveled out some, or at least the best i could with out a hot air gun.
but here you can see how i fliped the motor
mount upside down, it almost seems to work better this way.

this is a chopstick holder my wife asked me to make for her.
lol now she is learning how to turn my hobby into a chore, 
i better be more careful about my progress from now on.

i hope that i can get things working allot better here soon, i still need to get my backlash issue solved, for that i need to get my mail i am waiting on some parts, but canada post locked out its staff so yay.

i am trying to print more parts for my huxley but repsnapper keeps giving me errors with the files when i make my gcode with them, and it is such a pain to edit stl files in sketchup, there is just so many faces,  to clean up.

and here is my first usable mendle piece

at least i know i am on my way to making a Mendel now.