Sunday, January 9, 2011

colossal #$%^ up, or at the very least a $50 one

when ever i make stuff or design stuff i do my best to make it has much me proof as i can, and today was one of those days i found a week point in my design,

 i went to go and do some testing on my newest stepper motor and test a few of the other ones i had too. i do my best to keep my power ports labeled, but i missed one. so today i managed to send 12v to all my pololu steppers 5v logic power.

so now i have one that gave me the magical blue smoke (that stuff cant be good for ya), so the magical genie got out of that one. one will only make the motor tick, and out of the other 2, there is no signs of life what so ever.

i still have more work too do, so at least i can work on my mechanical, until i can get enough money to  order 4 more of the pololu stepper drivers i need now.

 this will not be so nice on the pocket book. i feel like such a winner tonight.

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