Monday, January 31, 2011


well today was a good day in a few respects. i got a few odds and ends done, 

i made this little fan box, those little fans always seem to move less air than i think they do. but i hope that i can put it to use. i think this is what happens to me when i get too board, i just build things for no reason.

i got the pvc boards mounted on there better and more securely.

i hope the belt i ordered is a good chunk shorter than the one i have now, but that gives you an idea of how its all going to mount together.

i have a few more things i would like to get done tomorrow, just small things nothing major so yay.

modkit is out today, well for windows any how, i have tried at and so far i like it, but i think there is a few bugs in it still, but i am still happy to see it,

1 comment:

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