Friday, January 28, 2011

touchy subjects

today i found one of those touchy subjects,

i saw a post by this fellow who started a kickstarter thing to raise money to start a reprap, through looking at his kickstarter page i found out he works for the marines. for that fact alone he deserves allot of respect and if i could i would be more than willing to support him by sending him printed parts or any spare parts i have.

i want to see this project grow and mature, i am glad to see that he is interested and has a desire to share this project with others, if i can help him out i would gladly do so.

this is also where my personal issues start. i would hope working for the marines and teaching in them would earn you at least a living wage. i don't know the numbers so i wont go there but for what he is doing for his country i would hope he gets a proper income from it. my self though i am working full time at a good company, they treat me well, but i will be honest with ya, i don't make all that much, i will take home a good chunk less than 20k this year. i have to watch my money, and i am not always the best at it. Those are my issues to worry about not anyone else's.

has you can tell i don't like to see stuff like this, i am more than willing to help charities, non for profits, schools and other people who this would be out of there means to do. i just don't like seeing  videos like this and people do stuff like this, it just gets to a nerve with me. i know people have helped me out like nophead and keven at so thank you for all your help, and by the looks Keven will have a working unit before i will, the more the better though in my opinion.

i hope the other fellow there can get his project going, and if you have the means to support the other fellow to get his project going please do, i have did my donations for the money and that was to pioneer one and thingiverse. i hope people will keep up the good work and keep helping each other out, it will help us all out in the long run.

sorry about the rant. i will post something more productive soon i promise.


  1. I agree Mike. Kickstarter was not created as a means for us to finance our hobbies. It is supposed to allow small commercial operations to raise capital and there should be some payback for the investors.

  2. Is that guy searching for idiots? Why would one give him 1250$ for a full kit with noob crap RP parts, when you can find the full kit at 825$ from a professional seller??? THAT IS A SCAM!!!!

  3. I'll feed the trolls this one time...
    @Mike, Thanks for the publicity. All the views you've directed at my project has boosted it to the 10th most popular tech project on Kickstarter. I've thought about what you've written here and on my video page and made some changes to my project. I don't quite understand your fundamental problem with me but I hope you will at least understand that I am not here to "steal" this project from you. I have not, in anyway, decimated or depreciated your own build. All I have done is find a smart, economical way to raise money from interested parties. Let me remind you that the project has not reached it's goal yet and if it doesn't, no money exchanges hands. So allow the project to succeed or fail on it's own.

    @Kevin, if this is just a hobby to you then you're doing it wrong. It is a long term scientific research project with far reaching implications. This is hobby the same way Bill Gates had a computer hobby in his garage.

    @Caru83 (Anonymous) Like I emailed you already, I've looked at the rewards and have adjusted them to an extremely fair, borderline bad idea, price. Which included pre-assembly, testing, flat-packing and free shipping.

    @Everyone in general
    I honestly wouldn’t expect this to change your mind on this whole ordeal, as I’m pretty sure you've made up your mind already. Enjoy your hobby and next time you decide to rant about someone online, remember you really don’t know their story. Sadly, your blog has left me with a negative opinion about who you are as a person. I wish you the best of luck in your hobbies and in life.

    This is the last time I will interact with any of you and what I now know is trolling. I hope you got a good rise out of bashing me.

  4. my main issue is that your using other people to raise money for your hobby, and thats what it, i did my best to be has respectful and only raise the one issue i have with it.