Tuesday, January 4, 2011

yay first post of the year

sorry about the slow down in my postings, it has been a very busy past few weeks for me, since xmas day. i had allot of driving to do and allot of other things to get done.

this year, i hope to see it become the year of the maker, over the past few months i have noticed allot more people trying to get back into making things on there own, and i am very happy to see that. i know it is partly because money is not there like it was a few years ago. but i think in the long term this will be a good things, with tech like the RepRap out there, i think it will change for the better in the long term.

now back to my main project, i ordered a geared stepper from makergear. i hope that i will be able to use that to power my z axis, i don't think the ones i have will be strong enough for the task, or at least how i will have it setup.

i hope to get a few more things working here this week, and i will post updates about them has well. i have also done a little more work on my idea for the printable frame. so you can check out my thingiverse page for a few updates on that one too.

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