Friday, January 7, 2011

yay more done.

well i got a few more things mounted today, but i may have to move them again but this is the general idea of what i am looking at for my z axis. i still need to get a pulley for my z axis stepper motor, and i need to make a stepper mount for it has well. but i do like what i am seeing, and i hope i can do some more here in the next day or so.

i ordered another shorter belt today for it has well, i think it will be here in about 3 weeks.
this is the stepper motor i ordered from makergear, so far i like it allot, but i am still trying to figure out if i can get one of the pulleys i have now to work for it or not.

and on my lifts there, i ended up filling the flat parts down so that they would fit snugly into the pulleys, and so far it seems to work, they are not loose at all.

so i will have more work done on it here very soon, and i hope to have it at least testable here soon too. 

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