Sunday, January 16, 2011

yay parts ordered and its my bday

well today i ordered my RAMPS board from . i just wish my bank would transfer the money in to my paypal account faster than 10 days, i find it to be very annoying.  but over all that made a good gift from my wife, she helped me get it sooner than i could save up for it. so yay.

this is how much snow we have now, that is a lawn mower under all that snow.

but today was my bday too, so i had a good day off work went into moose jaw today and got a few things we needed and went to the hot springs there by the casino, thats always nice.

i need to find some sheet metal that i can bend to make a stepper mount for that geared stepper i hope i can dig something up soon, if i work hard i think i can have it up and running by the end of feb or march, but i still have allot to do still. but i am getting there.

i still need to raid a scanner or 2 for parts, or even a couple of printers would be good.

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  1. Happy Birthday Mike.

    Sorry to read about the electronics disaster, RAMPS is a good way to go, I have a system based on a similar design now, it's a stable way to run things.