Sunday, February 20, 2011


last night i started to calibrate the setting that i could on my repstrap. i got my Y axis calibrated at 1/8 micro stepping @ 158steps/mm, i think i will take up to 1/16th though. today i hope to get the Z axis done but i hope to get another pulley made for that stepper though. so that will change those setting again.

i have gotten allot of improvement with my trouble shooting on my new arduino mega and repsnapper, i was finally able to get it to flash the usb chip, after i found signed drivers, and now it will connect to repsnapper so long has it is the first time in the session that i try to connect to it, so now i think i am waiting for a better driver.

one of the things i used to help be get my setting right was this site though for my self i used his formula to make a spreadsheet so that i don't always need to have a browser open

here are some pics of the ramps board i made, it was mostly just practice shots but i think these 2 were really nice out of the 20 or so that i took

i am still amazed at the detail these new cameras can get.

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