Thursday, February 24, 2011

cool find

Today when i was out and about town i stopped by the salvation army store, and they had an old HP printer, it had a few parts in it that i have been trying to find it is an optical encoder. i am curious to see if there is a way that i can use this in my repstrap in any way, kinda wish they were not so hard to find.

i have a closer to proper belt tensioner on there now, so thats good

this is a ISP that my friend gave me, it hase a 10 pin cable on it, and so far all i have needed was the 6 so i had to make a bord to take it down to the 6 that the arduino have 

i do hate to say it but i am thinking i might buy a Mendel kit to save my self some time and trouble. i have the motors and electronics so i would just need the bars and printable pieces, i hope i can see what i can find for some kits out there soon.

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