Tuesday, February 22, 2011


well some good news and bad news today,  not that bad really just annoying.

first the good, i got a domain for my blog www.methodtoonesmadness.com so yay. i hope to have it going and email up tomorrow. so that will be nice.

the bad news is that yesterday when i was trying to get my Z axis calibrated, the pulley i was using on my geared stepper motor decided that it had better things to do that stay working, the epoxy i used to make the hole smaller, was not strong enough, and it stripped out on the shaft. no wonder why my measurements were getting worse and worse.

not the most easy stuff to measure out right but i think i got it mixed right.

i also ordered a 4 by 20 lcd today too for my repstrap, i look forward to seeing what i can do with it.

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