Tuesday, February 8, 2011

testing part 2

i did manage to get another round of testing in today, thought i was surprised just to see how hot the brass gets where it meets the peek.
the yellow line is the printing tip, and the blue line
is the base where it mounts onto the peek.

i wanted to put the heatsink i had father down the brass, but it was too big and the fins hit the wood mounts. but i think this may be something worth looking into more for me at least, but i am going to see if i cant find a smaller heatsink. 

 the second dip is where i had a bigger fan blowing on to it, just to see how it would react. it had a harder time heating up and keeping up to it but it was also a fan from a older amd cpu cooler, not that small little guy i had on the heatsink. it dose go to show just how much a poorly aimed fan could affect your printing, maybe even show how much a properly aimed one could also improve it too.

i think i am going to look into ways i can make this process better, i know i dont want to make it too cool, but i think it could help allot if i can get it to stay about 80C to 90C where it meets the peek. with out making the hot end work any harder than it needs too.

i look forward to doing more stuff like this, i find it very interesting.

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