Sunday, February 27, 2011

things i like about the reprap community

i just thought i would do a post about the things i like about the community around the reprap.

  • they are willing to help people out when they are stuck.
  • it is a growing community.
  • eager to learn .
  • willing to adapt, and fairly fast to adapt too i have noticed.
  • for the most part i would have to say it is very transparent with how it operates on a whole.
  • for the retailers i have delt with  so far  makergear, ultimachine, and techzone. they all show they want to support this community 
  • willing to donate time, parts, and money to help get clubs, schools and other places that need help to get this technology working for them.
i would like to see what other people like about this community. i know it is not perfect, and nor am i there are things that get under my skin like any other person.

please leave a comment about what you like.

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