Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Banana + PLA = WIN

Hey this was a danm cool find on the web today at it is about using nano fibers from fruits like bananas for make very strong plastics. here is a short quote
 "A group of scientists from Sao Paulo State University developed a way to use the nanocellulose fibers from bananas, pineapples, and other fruits to create incredibly strong, lightweight plastics. The plastic is up to four times stronger and 30 percent lighter than petroleum-based plastics, and it rivals Kevlar — the material used in bullet proof vests — in strength."
 but i do find this idea very interesting and i hope that it could be added to PLA it would make for some very good uses for the reprap project on a whole new level

Monday, March 28, 2011

forums and wiki

i have been trying learn what i can in the forums and wiki this week, on that side note there has been some entertaining posts on there lately, some that i also hope to be more fruitful than just yelling matches.

but i did find this gem post for the Medel Prusa i would love to see this done for the Huxley he did a great job.

there has also been some lively posts in the RAMPS tree on the reprap forums. but there is also some valid points there about how muddled up things are getting, and that maybe we need to find a way to add a few more standard with the different hardware builds and also get some of the major bugs worked out of the windows software for the reprap software. i am thinking that i may start my own bounty for windows tool chain for ramps kinda like this bounty here. so if anyone would like to help me with that idea please let me know.

i am still just itching to get my kit but i know i must wait, so i hope i can find some things to keep me out of trouble until then.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i ordered my kit today

well today i finally ordered the rest of the kit in needed from techzone, so for the next 2 weeks i will be very eager to get that package in the mail

so i hope after i get things ironed out that i can start getting things out in about a month, it would be nice to have it working in time for my dad to see it when he visits here. i have not seen him in about 5 years now. so i am looking forward to that visit.

with this last order i hope all i need to buy is just 5lbs role of PLA. i have enough samples i think, to get it printing and calibrated. i will try to order one of those in 2 weeks i hope my money will be less stretched by then.

so things are looking up yay.

getting eager

i am getting eager to order the kit from teckzone, i will have the money for it soon, but i will feel much better once i can see it in my paypal account. so i am happy about this week.

Monday, March 21, 2011

things are starting to look up

on friday i hope that i will have the funds to order my Huxley kit from teckzone, so that makes me happy. so i may be printing by the middle of next month. if not sooner.

i have also joined a local photography club, so i hope that i can learn how to take some better pictures.

i have been trying to learn how to do a few more basic things on the arduino with mixed results, at one point i thought i killed it, but i had the wire in the wrong row on my bread

i have noticed a few new interesting things on thingiverse too, i like the iris box, i think i that will be one of the fist things i try to print. and some of the new wades extruders are looking nice too. i look forward to testing out the new mini extruder on my Huxley, that one intrigues me, i wanna find out just how small we can go. with the new 1.75 mm feed stock i think this could be a great thing for dual extruder's to help keep mass down.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Noooooooo Grrrrr i don't like taxes and a cool find

well today i got my taxes filed away, and now i am not getting anything near what i thought, if it were not for the fact that, i put money in my rrsp i would be owing this year. so this puts one hell of a major kink in my plans. i will just have to do what i can to save up the money for it. i hope i can get it ordered early next month. now. so i will have to see what i can do.

i am also trying to keep my eyes on japan, i hope they can pull through, i think they are going to need all the help they can get.

cool find today.

i was on seed studio today and i found this
to me this would be great for controlling heating components on the reprap i think this is one of those really handy finds, i like this idea allot, and would be a great add on even to the ramps boards i will be ordering one of these guys soon

Sunday, March 13, 2011

interesting and uneasy week

it has been a fairly interesting week, my wife is Japanese , though she was not from the northern part, so all her family and friends so far are safe. but i gotta admit it has been more striking for me to see the news and pictures, i am not sure if she has been following it has much has me, i know she is still thinking about home. but some of the things i see there still make me feel uneasy about how easy it is to loose everything you have.

so i do encourage people to give a few dollars to there charity of choice, i will give some to the red cross when my paypal transfer is completed.

i know there is at least 1 person in the reprap group in japan, i am not sure where but i hope he is safe, and his family too.

it dose make me wonder how could repraps be used in times like that to help people or would it be one of those things that should be left for later.

but has for me i have decided to buy a Huxley kit, my repstrap is just running into too many issues right now. when i can start to print parts i think i will try to get it working that way after i can make more parts that i need. but for now money is just too tight, and my tax refund is still a good 2 weeks away. so i will just have to wait until then to place the order for all the parts that i need for my Huxley.

i did have a strange idea for RF noise, if a person printed a case then glued tinfoil to the inside and grounded it to the psu would that act like a good enough Faraday cage to catch most of the RF noise.?

Thursday, March 10, 2011


lately i have been reading about just how bad it can be for your end stops to wire them into your main board wrong, i have always known it was bad for any type of led to be wired up wrong so last night i decided to put some of the other pin headers i have on them, i cant remember what kind they are off the top of my head but with these you cant put them on wrong.  looking at a old audio cable for cd roms that i had around it gave me a idea for the ramps board or any other board, it have a 4 wire connector on it but it only uses 3 of them, so if you did it that way a person could make  it keyed so that if you did put it on the wrong way it would not supply a positive voltage to the cable. it is an idea that i may look into any how.
this is the new ones that i put on last night, i like them allot better.

this is the old style that was on the other ones

some time ago a came across a blog where he was getting allot of RF noise from his reprap controller board, i think it was a arduino, i cant remember, but i was thinking about it today. has any one else out there had issues with RF noise. i changed the PSU in my computer and now i am getting allot of noise on my cordless phone so that is one reason why i am thinking about that issue

i also had another thought a good source of endstop cables are the old audio cables from cdroms, there dirt cheap on ebay and you just have to change your pins and your ready to go.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Grrrr i hate waiting

i have always hated waiting for things to come in the mail, i will be ordering a Techzone Huxley kit soon after i finish my up with my taxes and get my tax return all done up. but for that i need one more document from my bank, and thats what i am waiting on. but tomorrow i should get some new soldering iron tips a LM36 temp sensor, and a de-soldering vacuum, then by the end of the week i hope to have the new lcd i ordered too. so that is good too.

with this kit that i am ordering i am hoping that i can at least start to do some test prints by the end of this month early next month i hope.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

very cool, if you want to etch a pcb

in my browsing today i found this on hackaday.

it is a mix that you can make at home to etch pcb's. i do like this option, it seems to be more practical for when you want to try to make your first few boards.