Thursday, March 10, 2011


lately i have been reading about just how bad it can be for your end stops to wire them into your main board wrong, i have always known it was bad for any type of led to be wired up wrong so last night i decided to put some of the other pin headers i have on them, i cant remember what kind they are off the top of my head but with these you cant put them on wrong.  looking at a old audio cable for cd roms that i had around it gave me a idea for the ramps board or any other board, it have a 4 wire connector on it but it only uses 3 of them, so if you did it that way a person could make  it keyed so that if you did put it on the wrong way it would not supply a positive voltage to the cable. it is an idea that i may look into any how.
this is the new ones that i put on last night, i like them allot better.

this is the old style that was on the other ones

some time ago a came across a blog where he was getting allot of RF noise from his reprap controller board, i think it was a arduino, i cant remember, but i was thinking about it today. has any one else out there had issues with RF noise. i changed the PSU in my computer and now i am getting allot of noise on my cordless phone so that is one reason why i am thinking about that issue

i also had another thought a good source of endstop cables are the old audio cables from cdroms, there dirt cheap on ebay and you just have to change your pins and your ready to go.

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