Monday, March 28, 2011

forums and wiki

i have been trying learn what i can in the forums and wiki this week, on that side note there has been some entertaining posts on there lately, some that i also hope to be more fruitful than just yelling matches.

but i did find this gem post for the Medel Prusa i would love to see this done for the Huxley he did a great job.

there has also been some lively posts in the RAMPS tree on the reprap forums. but there is also some valid points there about how muddled up things are getting, and that maybe we need to find a way to add a few more standard with the different hardware builds and also get some of the major bugs worked out of the windows software for the reprap software. i am thinking that i may start my own bounty for windows tool chain for ramps kinda like this bounty here. so if anyone would like to help me with that idea please let me know.

i am still just itching to get my kit but i know i must wait, so i hope i can find some things to keep me out of trouble until then.

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