Monday, March 7, 2011

Grrrr i hate waiting

i have always hated waiting for things to come in the mail, i will be ordering a Techzone Huxley kit soon after i finish my up with my taxes and get my tax return all done up. but for that i need one more document from my bank, and thats what i am waiting on. but tomorrow i should get some new soldering iron tips a LM36 temp sensor, and a de-soldering vacuum, then by the end of the week i hope to have the new lcd i ordered too. so that is good too.

with this kit that i am ordering i am hoping that i can at least start to do some test prints by the end of this month early next month i hope.


  1. Are you going to get a Bowden configuration Huxley? -

    Also check out Adrian's new Micro Extruder, it can mount directly on Huxley -

  2. i was hoping to use my Adrians extruder on it, until i could print out a more proper design, but with the kit i ordered there bowden extruder just to be careful so i don't end up in another jam.

    but just to make things more aggravating my bank sent me back the wrong papers so now i have to wait until the 16th to order the ones i need. so gaa. i was going to use my pay check for that too but that now has to go to fixing my truck now too. so i am not making much progress, other than my truck bill was lower than i was expecting.