Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i ordered my kit today

well today i finally ordered the rest of the kit in needed from techzone, so for the next 2 weeks i will be very eager to get that package in the mail

so i hope after i get things ironed out that i can start getting things out in about a month, it would be nice to have it working in time for my dad to see it when he visits here. i have not seen him in about 5 years now. so i am looking forward to that visit.

with this last order i hope all i need to buy is just 5lbs role of PLA. i have enough samples i think, to get it printing and calibrated. i will try to order one of those in 2 weeks i hope my money will be less stretched by then.

so things are looking up yay.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mike,

    Well done on the order, after all this time it's going to be great to be printing things.

    I'm still finding it hard to find the time to get my Repstrap V2 back up and running again. You may well be printing before me this time around.

    My electronics are working at least.

    Keep us updated and good luck with the Techzone build. - Take lots of photos.