Sunday, March 13, 2011

interesting and uneasy week

it has been a fairly interesting week, my wife is Japanese , though she was not from the northern part, so all her family and friends so far are safe. but i gotta admit it has been more striking for me to see the news and pictures, i am not sure if she has been following it has much has me, i know she is still thinking about home. but some of the things i see there still make me feel uneasy about how easy it is to loose everything you have.

so i do encourage people to give a few dollars to there charity of choice, i will give some to the red cross when my paypal transfer is completed.

i know there is at least 1 person in the reprap group in japan, i am not sure where but i hope he is safe, and his family too.

it dose make me wonder how could repraps be used in times like that to help people or would it be one of those things that should be left for later.

but has for me i have decided to buy a Huxley kit, my repstrap is just running into too many issues right now. when i can start to print parts i think i will try to get it working that way after i can make more parts that i need. but for now money is just too tight, and my tax refund is still a good 2 weeks away. so i will just have to wait until then to place the order for all the parts that i need for my Huxley.

i did have a strange idea for RF noise, if a person printed a case then glued tinfoil to the inside and grounded it to the psu would that act like a good enough Faraday cage to catch most of the RF noise.?

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  1. I don't know for sure, but it seems likely based on a recommendation I've seen for protecting delecate electronics through an EMP. Wrap the item in alternating layers of aluminum foil and plastic wrap, making sure that each layer is continous. Make about eight layers of foil for full protection.

    So I'd think that one layer would work just fine for the far smaller effects we're trying to suppress.