Monday, March 21, 2011

things are starting to look up

on friday i hope that i will have the funds to order my Huxley kit from teckzone, so that makes me happy. so i may be printing by the middle of next month. if not sooner.

i have also joined a local photography club, so i hope that i can learn how to take some better pictures.

i have been trying to learn how to do a few more basic things on the arduino with mixed results, at one point i thought i killed it, but i had the wire in the wrong row on my bread

i have noticed a few new interesting things on thingiverse too, i like the iris box, i think i that will be one of the fist things i try to print. and some of the new wades extruders are looking nice too. i look forward to testing out the new mini extruder on my Huxley, that one intrigues me, i wanna find out just how small we can go. with the new 1.75 mm feed stock i think this could be a great thing for dual extruder's to help keep mass down.

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