Friday, April 29, 2011

after much deliberation

after much deliberation we now have a name for my rep-rap Huxley it is. Michi 道 and it means path in Japanese. 
i will make a name plate for it soon, i think it will be one of the first things i try to print.
welcome to the family michi

but i have gotten a few more things done on it, i now have 5 of the 6 end stops on it, i just need to make a z max endstop mount for it. i hope to try printing with it again here soon. but the last time, the extruder stepper seemed to turn too slow. i could not get much out of it. so i think i need to read up on that more. so that i know i have my settings right.

but it feels nice mot get back to making things again, i just hope i can start to print here soon.

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