Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i just have to get clever again

i am starting to get my Huxley rebuilt again, but i need to figure out how to bet the other belt clamp to work, the pieces dont line up all that well. and the bolts i have left are just  short enough to be a pain in the ass, seeing how i used all my longer ones up so i am going to have to get a little more clever again i think.

i also found that the holes for the belt clamps do not align up all that well.
but now the top mount fits allot better now though.

i also got my new endstops built too.


  1. Good to have you back in the province. Looking forward to seeing the Huxley working again. I am still waiting for my last stepper to arrive. Hopefully this week.

  2. use zip/cable ties to mount the belt. easier than messing with the belt clamps. just connect to one of the holes for the clamp, or screw on a washer or something to provide an anchor point.


  3. never thought of the zip tie idea i will try that one out to see how well it works.