Friday, April 15, 2011

i need to think of a better name than Schroedinger

well it is up and moving now, i still need to figure out how to build the buiding platform, but i thought i would test all the hookups and steppers, and they are all working just fine. i will need to start to think of a name for it here soon, all i can think of for today is Schroedinger, (i just hope i don't need to finish that reference.)

tomorrow or sunday i will get the rest of it finished i think, but for now i am happy and excited that i am this close. shame i have to work early tomorrow again, but hey i am doing my best.

i think there are a few parts that i will remake,  and i will need to make some max endstop mounts. but those will come in time. i just hope canada post gets my last package here soon.

maybe a Japanese name for this one.?


  1. Congratulations, nice moves! :)
    What about naming it Neko?

  2. great looking machine.

    You might consider naming it after some of the modern heroes of evolutionary thought: Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould, etc.