Monday, May 23, 2011

getting close to workable parts now

i am getting cloers to my settings i need with repsnapper. but i am still having issues with Skeinforge, i have learned that i need to use the mimension option, but i am not sure if i am supposed to turn off speed, it moves very slow and the extruder barely gets anything out of the tip. so i cant figure out how to get it to move faster just yet. and if i turn speed off it did not even try to extruded, i can understand the settings in repsnapper and most of them in skeinforge but i still cant see what i have to do just yet.

a test box 50mm x 50mm x 40mm

for me i found this green tape from cantech works good.
better than the blue, i found the glue came off too easy with there blue stuff.

this was my first pretty much round gear. but because i am not using skeinforge the teeth are not has clean has they should be.

this was my first workable part so far, only 2 of the holes on the top there needed allot of work to get that 3mm bolt into them. but i think it might be just good enough to work.


  1. Keep at it Mike. The box looks pretty good.

  2. Nice work Mike! That box does look really good.

    I think the problem you may be having with the extruder is that Skeinforge 40 (and later) expect your firmware to have the e_steps_per_unit set to the number of steps required to feed 1 mm of filament into the extruder. This is typically up in the high 500's for a Wade's type extruder. From what I've read, that's not what Repsnapper or many other tools expect when generating the G-code. I'm only at about the same stage you are with my Prusa Mendel, and I haven't tried anything other than Skeinforge. So I may be off base. But if you think this might be the answer, let me know and I'll post links to the info that I found very helpful in setting up Skeinforge.