Tuesday, May 3, 2011

getting oh so close

well i am getting closer day by day. here are some of my pictures from tonights testing, i think i need to find some  more setting for repsnapper that i don't know just yet. but here are some pictures of what i made today.

i was trying to print a 40 x 40 test cube. but i need to get more PLA out from the tip i think.

that was after a few tries, i am still trying to get my feed rate set.
the PLA is very very thin, for most of it.

i used pc 7 to hold it onto the x chassis 

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  1. Congratulations! Have been following you for a while now :)

    I spent several days/weeks to try and get repsnapper to slice models properly, with only average results. It was a big change to start using skeinforge 41. The volumetric 5d is brilliant, and provides decent prints straight out the door. Repsnapper is great for controlling the bot and sending the gcode, but the slicing (in the old windows build that's available) is not worth the hassle.