Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting there

I am getting closer but I have hit a stumbling block
I'm getting closer to have it working.I know have an issue with my keeps on slipping and jamming during the prints. so I think I will try to make a wade's extruder but I need a hobbled bolt for that. At least I have the rest of the hardware for it .

i am trying to learn how to use skeinforge still, so most of my printing is being done with just repsnapper. i do wish it did a better job on its gcode. my prints are square for the most part, thought i wonder when i get things working better i think they might be a bit on the small side.

i am also going to try using my new grey pla, seeing how during my testing so far that one has given me the least amount of troubles. i have just had my other samples in a unsealed box, so i dont know if that is going to cause me much of my troubles.


  1. I have a few hobbed bolts. They are a hair on the short side, but they should work. If you want to try it out, send me an email. I think the bolt cost me $2 to make.

  2. i would love to email ya back but i am having issues finding a way to contact you, bet then again i am not much better.

  3. is the brass gear slipping on the shaft? if so maybe you could just epoxy it in place.

  4. the brass gear is on there good and tight, i think my setting is set too fast, and it is chewing into the filament.