Wednesday, May 4, 2011

still have allot to learn, but getting there

well today i got it to do a few more things, i will have to change my firmware settings some more i think, things are not square just yet, but when i get the settings right things don't come out bad for my first day i don't think.

this is the start of a 40 x 40 test cube

i did not print all of the test cube, but i did manage to get some hearts that are
a little rought around the edges. but i still have allot to learn.


  1. Actual printed objects! Congratulations Mike!
    My stepper for the extruder arrived last night so I should have something running too, in a day or so.

  2. Well done, That is a good start, it will only get better from now on.

    My hardware is all running and I'm just about to start final firmware calibration, so hopefully I'll be printing again by the end of next week.