Sunday, June 26, 2011

some mendel pieces

here are some mendel pieces that i printed so i am hoping i can start to build a proper mendel soon.

you can see the difference with  how i am learning my settings. better in this pic.

Friday, June 24, 2011

getting to back to business

well i think i got part of my issues solved, i am back printing again, with a little creative thinking any how. i ended up turning the motor mount upside down, after getting it leveled out some, or at least the best i could with out a hot air gun.
but here you can see how i fliped the motor
mount upside down, it almost seems to work better this way.

this is a chopstick holder my wife asked me to make for her.
lol now she is learning how to turn my hobby into a chore, 
i better be more careful about my progress from now on.

i hope that i can get things working allot better here soon, i still need to get my backlash issue solved, for that i need to get my mail i am waiting on some parts, but canada post locked out its staff so yay.

i am trying to print more parts for my huxley but repsnapper keeps giving me errors with the files when i make my gcode with them, and it is such a pain to edit stl files in sketchup, there is just so many faces,  to clean up.

and here is my first usable mendle piece

at least i know i am on my way to making a Mendel now.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

a little cleaning

here is my hot end, i thought i would try to clean it today, turned out to be a bit of a chore

i am going to have to get more of this stuff from maker gear, but the pla leaked into it and made it pretty solid on that side

here you can see the difference from where the PLA leaked onto it and where the
heater core was.

it took some effor but i did get it out, i also bent it just a hair, so i think i will order another
 one soon for spare parts.

and today i found the real issue causing the missing steps

you can see here where the motor mount bent, i think it got soft from the heat. for some reason this stepper has always run hot, if i turn down the pot it will start to skip so the power is about righ, but i should think about replacing it soon wish one that should run cooler. but i need to figure out how to get that piece flat again, i am thinking a flat sheet of metal, and using a hot air gun to soften up the PLA so that it would then become flat again.

now i just need to buy a hot air gun next payday.
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

first useful print

this is just a few pics of one of my first useful prints.

here is my solderless bredboard holder 

here you can see the bare connection rails.
i made that to hold the solderless breadboard that its tape came off from.

i have found that i have a backlash issue, and i ordered a new pully for it today, so i hope it will be here early next week  i hope. so i hope that will make for much better prints too. i will try again to print another pully, but with the back lash some of the teeth just never seem to come out right, and i am back to the same problem.