Friday, June 24, 2011

getting to back to business

well i think i got part of my issues solved, i am back printing again, with a little creative thinking any how. i ended up turning the motor mount upside down, after getting it leveled out some, or at least the best i could with out a hot air gun.
but here you can see how i fliped the motor
mount upside down, it almost seems to work better this way.

this is a chopstick holder my wife asked me to make for her.
lol now she is learning how to turn my hobby into a chore, 
i better be more careful about my progress from now on.

i hope that i can get things working allot better here soon, i still need to get my backlash issue solved, for that i need to get my mail i am waiting on some parts, but canada post locked out its staff so yay.

i am trying to print more parts for my huxley but repsnapper keeps giving me errors with the files when i make my gcode with them, and it is such a pain to edit stl files in sketchup, there is just so many faces,  to clean up.

and here is my first usable mendle piece

at least i know i am on my way to making a Mendel now.


  1. check out for automagically fixing broken STLs

  2. very cool, i wonder if they have a batch tool, so far all the parts seem to have allot of small holes.