Sunday, July 31, 2011

getting better results

i have been fine tuning my settings in repsnapper, and i am now starting to get some very good results this part has not been cleaned yet  it is not a perfect part but they are getting allot closer now. 

i am now printing the one for the other side. i was hoping to find more ready rod today but i was only able to get my hands on 1 more piece, i will get some more on tuesday i am pretty sure all the places that i could get it will be closed tomorrow for the long weekend here.

overall though i think things are starting to come along well. i still seem to have issues with PLA oozing from the top of the hot end, where the brass goes into the peek. I thought i got it back together properly last time, though this time it is allot slower, i am going to have to order the spare parts for my hot end soon i think. at lest in 6 weeks i will have allot more spare cash, after the vacation.

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