Saturday, July 30, 2011

its multiplying

well i am finally starting to print a mendel, but i was only able to get 2 pieces of 5/16 ready rod today so that kinda sucks, i have most of the pieces i need for the frame, printed and so far it is going together fairly well.

i was surprised to see just how close 5/16 is to 8mm rod, but so far it is working well for me. i hope i can get a couple more pieces tomorrow but i am not sure if i can, yay for sunday.

this was all the ready rod that i had.

i tried some pieces on a raft they printed well enough but i am having a little trouble getting all the raft bits off it.

i hope to have the parts for this one fairly soon but i know a good chunk will have to wait until after our trip to japan.

i did have one strange thought though, on the top i wonder if it would make it any stiffer if i used a third piece of ready rod in the middle hole, kinda one of my strange ideas.

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