Tuesday, July 5, 2011

more pla on the way

well the other day i ordered a 5lbs role of pla, and a few other things too, i thought it would be good to get a few more spare parts., but i didn't have the spare cash for a spare hot end from makergear, but i did order some more m3 nuts and bolts, a spare pololu driver. a power resistor and a thermistor again,

but i hope this will get me printing again, and i hope to make a new wades extruder i really liked how that hobbed bolt gripped the wire, it was allot more secure feeling than the one i have not, but i don't mind the adrian's extruder that i am using now too, so far it has  been good to me. but the one i sent to my friend when i tested it out sure seemed to hold it allot better.

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