Sunday, July 24, 2011

a short update

it has been a interesting weekend, part of my extruder broke, 

you can see the broke one here

i am getting it fixed here

and one of my first working prints

but after i got my extruder fixed i thought i would clean my hot end, and i guess i didn't get it back together well enough. and that made a bit more of a mess to clean oh well lesson learned there.

but i am starting to get the settings right for the new roll of PLA it was a little smaller diameter that the last stuff i was using so i had to learn what the new settings were for it,

i am now starting to print pieces for a Mendel i am not sure if i am going to sell them or use them my self just yet. i am still having issues with printing gears still.

sorry for the dark pics i was not able to get them into picasa first.

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