Saturday, July 2, 2011

strang bolts

i went out today to buy some more bolts but i have never seen blue ones before
so dose anyone out there know if the blue color means anything.?


  1. i have no idea the guy i bought them from did not know, my other choice was some plain black steel ones. the color reminds me of blue lock tite

  2. If you open an OBO Bettermann catalogue[1], you can find products in it (cable supporting products), which are
    - FS - Strip galvanised
    - FS - Strip galvanised bright
    - FT - Hot-dip galvanised
    - G - Electrogalvanised
    - GTP - Electrogalvanised transparently passivated

    And mabye some more what I missed.

    All I want to say, that there is no single procedure to galvanise a metal. So the final look will be different.

    I would really like if you researched the different methods and wrote a summary post about them.



  3. They're definitely not hot dip galvanized, that is done only from M10+, because it produces so thick layer. Hot dip galvanized items have very distinctive grey color. Electrogalvanizing(plating) is most common in nuts and bolts from M8 and smaller.

    I tried to google strip galvanizing, but didn't find anything that got to do with any fasteners.

  4. Perhaps they have been anodized with a very thin coating. Normally I would expect to see a more solid, bright color from that process but who knows?