Wednesday, July 20, 2011

yay my package got here yesterday so i am back to printing again, i will post some more pics here tonight.

i got in some more nuts and bolts and a spare pololu driver, another spare thermistor, and a power resistor for my next hot end.

i did not think it has been that long since i last posted on here, my how time dose fly when your busy working. i also have to start getting ready for my trip to japan with my wife, we are looking forward to that one allot.

here soon i am going to look at building another extruder, i wanna look at the mini extruder, but i think i will just make a wades extruder. another thing i still need to work on is printing gears, i am not having much luck with small details still but i am slowly getting better are getting them out.

one i my crazy ideas i got the other day was to try to hobble a m8 nut, it seems like it might be a interesting idea, it would also give it a bit larger diameter than just the bolt but i am not sure how well it will work just yet, i think i would need locktite at the very least. but i may play with that idea a little more.

i am going to keep trying to print mendel parts this week, and see if i can manage to get a work ing print some time soon

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