Friday, September 23, 2011

Stainless steel tube

When I was in Tokyo i found some 3mm stainless steel tubing,

i thought it might make for a interesting extruder design,  because there is not nearly so much metal to take the heat up the tube, i need to find a way to attach 6mm threads to it so that i can mate it to a makergear hot end, and to figure out how to get it to attach to a extruder

but i liked this idea, there is less metal to take the heat up the tube, i think the stainless steel should also be a little stronger than the brass too, but i could be proven wrong there too. i will continue to work on this idea for a bit and see if i cant get anywhere with it.


  1. Nice post,Thanks for your share.And since you are making your experiment on that I will try also to incorporate another study on which how can it be more useful.

  2. It is still just a idea. I am trying to think of a way to HD it to mount to a changeable hot end and how to get it to mount to the cold end of the extruder.

    I just hope I can get the time to do it soon. Yay for having to move.