Saturday, October 22, 2011

moving yet again

yay i am moving yet again, but just to make it even more annoying i have 1 more package that seems to be moving very slow for how much i paid for shipping, i hope it gets here next week..

but i took a new job in swift current so i will be a little closer to the things i need. i hope any how.

i have not been able to do much printing, just a few small things to show people.

i think i am going to try to make the switch to sfact here in the next day or so. i just hope it works with my current firmware, it a little old now but its been very good to me.

i hope to have a few more things done on my Mendel here tonight,  i need to get much better at printing pulleys,  some of the teeth just never seem to print right with repsnapper.


  1. I only managed to use repsnapper for about 10 minutes before ditching it. SFACT and Pronterface/printrun are a very good combination.

  2. Although my machine is not fully working yet, I have experimented with the Reprap host software, Repsnapper, and Pronterface/Sfact. I have found the Pronterface/Sfact combination to be the easiest to understand.