Monday, November 28, 2011

getting back into gear again

yay getting things back into gear, time to start bodging things up

i am starting to get things sorted out and in there place.

I am getting things layed out a little more how I would have liked them since the basement in my old house, but it will be a little harder to print now when my wife wants to use the main computer. i am going to have to work on that soon i think,

my Mendel is coming along i am still finding snags here and there, mostly i am finding some parts harder to print than others, due to the size of my Huxley.

but i hope to order some more steppers and the electronics for it here soon it is nice seeing it come together.

i do hope that i can start working on some of my older ideas here soon, it kinda sucks having so many things going on, and with my new job and new hours to get used too things are going to be interesting, i just hope we can get things back into order sooner than later.

though i will tell ya this it sure feels nice to be printing things again, it really is a bug that bites ya hard.

Friday, November 18, 2011

mix shop order

i got some of my orders today, or at least i got back to open them.
first is my small order from i made it a small one just to see how good there stuff was. it was what they said it was and there seems to be some good work done on them, i would have like to see the heater block sanded a little on some of the edges to take off a few stray burs left behind but that's about all that i have issues with. i will order more from them, but for now i do recommend them if you are in Canada.

the M4 nut for my extruder i think will be a big improvement over the one that i have not, that broke on me again. i did a post on it here the spare broke in the same way but you can see that the new one is allot more beefy

and from good old ultimachine i got some more opto endstops and some more bearings, i like those guys the best so far.