Friday, November 18, 2011

mix shop order

i got some of my orders today, or at least i got back to open them.
first is my small order from i made it a small one just to see how good there stuff was. it was what they said it was and there seems to be some good work done on them, i would have like to see the heater block sanded a little on some of the edges to take off a few stray burs left behind but that's about all that i have issues with. i will order more from them, but for now i do recommend them if you are in Canada.

the M4 nut for my extruder i think will be a big improvement over the one that i have not, that broke on me again. i did a post on it here the spare broke in the same way but you can see that the new one is allot more beefy

and from good old ultimachine i got some more opto endstops and some more bearings, i like those guys the best so far. 

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