Wednesday, December 7, 2011

getting there with Sfact

i sarted to use Sfact the other day and so far i like it, but just to make things a little harder on my self i also started to use the sprinter firmware too, so far there a good match just some minor issues i am trying to figure out.

 my X and Y and good but i have issues with my Z first one was that it was stepping way too fast so it missed allot of steps. but after i got that figured out i noticed that my prints were still not the right height. so i took off the /1.25 that was in the firmware for some reason. and i am just doing my test prints for that now. 

this is my first watertight print, after i saw 
how well it printed i figured i would try it.

new chopstick holder

old (left) vs new (right) you can see the difference from repsnapper to Sfact.

one of my first prints, just a few issues eh.

getting the bugs worked out, the last one is where i started
to fix the stepping too fast problem and started to get the extruder settings fine tuned

with any luck i will start to print out more pieces for the people that i know who want a mendel of there own.  but i am happy to see with this newer software and firmware they will be allot better pieces.

oh and is anyone else getting a compiler issue with the new arduino SDK and the sprinter firmware.?


  1. Hi Mike,
    1.25mm is the thread pitch of M8 studding, hence the steps per mm is steps per motor rev / 1.25.

  2. Hi Mike. the guide to SFACT is here:
    Best idea is to do the calibration steps described there.