Saturday, December 17, 2011

hot ends and parts

these are the hot ends i got from mix shop. the second one i got was a little better than the first one.
i found that high temp silicone gasket maker, the papers for it here says that it has a working temp up too 318C and a top end of 345C

i am getting the new extruder together i need to reprint a few parts again. 
but thats life, i will also need to order my steppers here soon. along with a new ramps board.

the new x axis i want to try on this Mendel.
to me it seems like a good idea, this way it is less trouble to change things out.

i am getting more things together but i still have a few more things to print still and i need to work on the bed still, i am not sure how to do that one just yet.

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