Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Xmas

Merry Christmas

i got some more things i needed printed today like some gears for the extruder. i went with herringbone gears on this one, the piece that the extruder is mounted to seems to be one of my cursed pieces, it took like 4 times for it not to bodge up on printing, and the big gear was not much better today. i also got some of the bars shortened up too so now it dose not look so odd.

soon i will order my motors that i need and the other stuff, i think i will keep with the ramps setup so far it is stable and for what it is fairly compact.

i will say this much about the x axis with the one i went with it sure will make my printable area allot smaller than i thought. so i might be looking at changing it up again i may end up going with another Bowden type, i am iffy on that, but i think it would give me the biggest printable area, and it has not been that much of a issue with my Huxley Michi,  with less mass on it too would have other benefits too.

the first one i started to print was the big guy on the right before i realized it was not the one i wanted, but i thought it was kinda a good way to show the size.

but i am still making progress, i hope to start to sell kits soon, i dont know how much i will get for them just yet, but hey i can start at least getting a little of the money back.

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