Sunday, December 4, 2011

sfact started and other bits

i got some other things built and done today, i finished off my opto endstops, for my mendel. i  also started to work on my settings for sfact, it is already printing nicer, well right up too when the wire broke off the heater. I should be able to fix it tonight I hope.

well today i started to use sfact. i was doing my trial run then my heater yay for nichrome.

i still have some settings left to fine tune, but this is a good start i think. all the settings were stock in this print and it worked fairly well i think.

i am trying to figure out how to set some of my settings in sprinter, the only thing i am not sure about is this really
float axis_steps_per_unit[] = {58.18, 104.3, 8150/1.25,17.6}; 
i am not sure what the 8150/1.25 is exactly and i have since learned that last one is my stepper that i have since fixed. what is this in there for though /1.25 that is what i am unsure of

i have learned that i do have a backlash issue on my X axis it only ever seems to creep up on me when i have lots of small moves on that axis.

i have been trying to mod some parts to be better and more printable on my Huxley due to its smaller size, i hope to post them soon, i am having issues with the models not being very solid and holes in them but i will have a post on that soon i hope.

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