Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a quick post

here is a new video of me printing yet another test cube, they are pretty much square now though.

i am learning how to get better results any how, though i keep on finding more stl's that make repsnapper crash and i am not sure why just yet.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


today i decided to see if there was any new updates for repsnapper out there, and there was, i guess the version i was using was older than i thought, but for the most part it worked for me,  well today i found there was a newer version of it out there here it is http://svn.kulitorum.com/RepSnapper/MSVC9/Release/ so far it has worked well for me, though i have a few files that it still dose not like and that make it crash for some reason. i even tried to export them using sketchup and i still got the same result when i tried to generate gcode from them.

but i will do some more prints with it soon so that i can show you how much better it is working. it is working allot better now. i just wish they had some way i could tell them apart when they come out with a new version,

Monday, May 23, 2011

getting close to workable parts now

i am getting cloers to my settings i need with repsnapper. but i am still having issues with Skeinforge, i have learned that i need to use the mimension option, but i am not sure if i am supposed to turn off speed, it moves very slow and the extruder barely gets anything out of the tip. so i cant figure out how to get it to move faster just yet. and if i turn speed off it did not even try to extruded, i can understand the settings in repsnapper and most of them in skeinforge but i still cant see what i have to do just yet.

a test box 50mm x 50mm x 40mm

for me i found this green tape from cantech works good.
better than the blue, i found the glue came off too easy with there blue stuff.

this was my first pretty much round gear. but because i am not using skeinforge the teeth are not has clean has they should be.

this was my first workable part so far, only 2 of the holes on the top there needed allot of work to get that 3mm bolt into them. but i think it might be just good enough to work.

Friday, May 13, 2011

one of those things

today i learned one of those things that would save me allot of time.

for a few days i have been trying to learn how to use skeinforge to make my Gcode got my Huxley, so when i started to look for help with the settings online, i learned that Skeinforge is designed for a non stepper based extruder, witch now clears up allot of my confusion, all i can say is that i wish i learned that allot sooner. it would have saved me allot of trouble.

that and i remembered one major detain about my stepper on on the extruder  too, it is a .9 deg/step one not a 1.8, i was trying to figure out why i was always having to set extrusion multiplyer  so close too 2 on repsnapper when i thought i had everything set right in my setting.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am now having to print bigger test items, to fine tune my settings. here is a 40mm X 40mm X 30 mm hollow test cube that i printed

the test but was 38mm x 39.5mm so i am getting closer. hight is just shy of dead on.

i am getting better but this weekend i need to make a push to learn how to use skeinforge. it feels kinda daunting though.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting there

I am getting closer but I have hit a stumbling block
I'm getting closer to have it working.I know have an issue with my extruder.it keeps on slipping and jamming during the prints. so I think I will try to make a wade's extruder but I need a hobbled bolt for that. At least I have the rest of the hardware for it .

i am trying to learn how to use skeinforge still, so most of my printing is being done with just repsnapper. i do wish it did a better job on its gcode. my prints are square for the most part, thought i wonder when i get things working better i think they might be a bit on the small side.

i am also going to try using my new grey pla, seeing how during my testing so far that one has given me the least amount of troubles. i have just had my other samples in a unsealed box, so i dont know if that is going to cause me much of my troubles.

Friday, May 6, 2011

hey i found a good tool

   hey i found a handy tool last night, www.3dtoolchain.com from techzone, it is skeinforge with all the settings for there Mendel and Huxley kits on a web server, it is a very very plain site right now, but thats not a bad thing. here is the difference from repsnapper

repsnaper, i marked it so that it was not so hard to read

that is from the gcode i got from the site, form techzone

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

still have allot to learn, but getting there

well today i got it to do a few more things, i will have to change my firmware settings some more i think, things are not square just yet, but when i get the settings right things don't come out bad for my first day i don't think.

this is the start of a 40 x 40 test cube

i did not print all of the test cube, but i did manage to get some hearts that are
a little rought around the edges. but i still have allot to learn.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

getting oh so close

well i am getting closer day by day. here are some of my pictures from tonights testing, i think i need to find some  more setting for repsnapper that i don't know just yet. but here are some pictures of what i made today.

i was trying to print a 40 x 40 test cube. but i need to get more PLA out from the tip i think.

that was after a few tries, i am still trying to get my feed rate set.
the PLA is very very thin, for most of it.

i used pc 7 to hold it onto the x chassis 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

so close on the computer end of things.

i am oh so close to getting the computer i want to run repsnapper up and running, but i seem to be missing something, i installed libreprap.so and when i was installing repsnapper it found it, but now when i run it i get this error message

repsnapper: error while loading shared libraries: libreprap.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

from what i can tell i have libreprap installed, but i have not been able to the this command to work for me

** cmake guis: cmake-curses-gui and cmake-qt-gui
but i am finding this one to be some what annoying i am also unsure how to do this or if this is the same error,

By default, the files are installed under /usr/local/, but some distros don't
include it into the search path for dynamic libs (running a binary that links
against libreprap might reports something like "Can't find libreprap.so" or so).
There are two ways to fix that:
* Change the install prefix to /usr/ instead of /usr/local, which is not recommended
* Add /usr/local/bin to ld.conf by creating a file /etc/ld.so.conf.d/local.conf which includes only the line "/usr/local/lib"
** run "sudo ldconfig" afterwards

if any one has some advice i would love it.