Sunday, July 31, 2011

getting better results

i have been fine tuning my settings in repsnapper, and i am now starting to get some very good results this part has not been cleaned yet  it is not a perfect part but they are getting allot closer now. 

i am now printing the one for the other side. i was hoping to find more ready rod today but i was only able to get my hands on 1 more piece, i will get some more on tuesday i am pretty sure all the places that i could get it will be closed tomorrow for the long weekend here.

overall though i think things are starting to come along well. i still seem to have issues with PLA oozing from the top of the hot end, where the brass goes into the peek. I thought i got it back together properly last time, though this time it is allot slower, i am going to have to order the spare parts for my hot end soon i think. at lest in 6 weeks i will have allot more spare cash, after the vacation.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

its multiplying

well i am finally starting to print a mendel, but i was only able to get 2 pieces of 5/16 ready rod today so that kinda sucks, i have most of the pieces i need for the frame, printed and so far it is going together fairly well.

i was surprised to see just how close 5/16 is to 8mm rod, but so far it is working well for me. i hope i can get a couple more pieces tomorrow but i am not sure if i can, yay for sunday.

this was all the ready rod that i had.

i tried some pieces on a raft they printed well enough but i am having a little trouble getting all the raft bits off it.

i hope to have the parts for this one fairly soon but i know a good chunk will have to wait until after our trip to japan.

i did have one strange thought though, on the top i wonder if it would make it any stiffer if i used a third piece of ready rod in the middle hole, kinda one of my strange ideas.

Monday, July 25, 2011


this is very very cool little program i wish this came out a long time ago i like how it works its still pretty new but it has some features that i like and i hope it gets a few more to make sure it is going to work, but hey it is still really really new ,but hey i like this i just fiddled with it

i thought i would share this.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

a short update

it has been a interesting weekend, part of my extruder broke, 

you can see the broke one here

i am getting it fixed here

and one of my first working prints

but after i got my extruder fixed i thought i would clean my hot end, and i guess i didn't get it back together well enough. and that made a bit more of a mess to clean oh well lesson learned there.

but i am starting to get the settings right for the new roll of PLA it was a little smaller diameter that the last stuff i was using so i had to learn what the new settings were for it,

i am now starting to print pieces for a Mendel i am not sure if i am going to sell them or use them my self just yet. i am still having issues with printing gears still.

sorry for the dark pics i was not able to get them into picasa first.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

yay my package got here yesterday so i am back to printing again, i will post some more pics here tonight.

i got in some more nuts and bolts and a spare pololu driver, another spare thermistor, and a power resistor for my next hot end.

i did not think it has been that long since i last posted on here, my how time dose fly when your busy working. i also have to start getting ready for my trip to japan with my wife, we are looking forward to that one allot.

here soon i am going to look at building another extruder, i wanna look at the mini extruder, but i think i will just make a wades extruder. another thing i still need to work on is printing gears, i am not having much luck with small details still but i am slowly getting better are getting them out.

one i my crazy ideas i got the other day was to try to hobble a m8 nut, it seems like it might be a interesting idea, it would also give it a bit larger diameter than just the bolt but i am not sure how well it will work just yet, i think i would need locktite at the very least. but i may play with that idea a little more.

i am going to keep trying to print mendel parts this week, and see if i can manage to get a work ing print some time soon

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

more pla on the way

well the other day i ordered a 5lbs role of pla, and a few other things too, i thought it would be good to get a few more spare parts., but i didn't have the spare cash for a spare hot end from makergear, but i did order some more m3 nuts and bolts, a spare pololu driver. a power resistor and a thermistor again,

but i hope this will get me printing again, and i hope to make a new wades extruder i really liked how that hobbed bolt gripped the wire, it was allot more secure feeling than the one i have not, but i don't mind the adrian's extruder that i am using now too, so far it has  been good to me. but the one i sent to my friend when i tested it out sure seemed to hold it allot better.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

strang bolts

i went out today to buy some more bolts but i have never seen blue ones before
so dose anyone out there know if the blue color means anything.?