Friday, October 28, 2011

.35mm hot end tip

well i have switched my hot end to the .35mm one i ordered from makergear, and so far it has been working allot better for me. i am getting better details and i find it less trouble for strings vs the .50 i started with. maybe it just has a harder time oozing out of it between jumps in location. i will say this much about the .5mm and that is the fact that the walls are allot thinner so i find my self doing 3 walls deep, but it dose print allot nicer though, i am going to try to print another diamond here for a test run, just to see how much better it is printing.

i hope that on Monday i can get my new spools of PLA they finally made it to the post office, i wonder how much customs is going to ding me for this one. me and them don't have a great history.

i am still wonder what i will do for my new Mendel i would like to get all new steppers and electronics for it, it would make it allot nicer having 2 working units vs just 1 working. that and i do kinda like the new 1.4 ramps setup.

i am still working on trying some new things, but i have some issues to work out still. like how to get 3mm I.D. stainless steel tubes to fit into some 6mm threads, i am thinking about trying to make the one end wider by hitting a center punch into it, i bought extras i will just have to try it on one i guess.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

moving yet again

yay i am moving yet again, but just to make it even more annoying i have 1 more package that seems to be moving very slow for how much i paid for shipping, i hope it gets here next week..

but i took a new job in swift current so i will be a little closer to the things i need. i hope any how.

i have not been able to do much printing, just a few small things to show people.

i think i am going to try to make the switch to sfact here in the next day or so. i just hope it works with my current firmware, it a little old now but its been very good to me.

i hope to have a few more things done on my Mendel here tonight,  i need to get much better at printing pulleys,  some of the teeth just never seem to print right with repsnapper.

Monday, October 3, 2011

domain woot

woot i got a domain for my blog now,

i am now in the middle of moving so progress will be a little slow yet again, so that kinda sucks.

but soon i can start work on a new work shed on our acreage, so that will be allot of fun.