Sunday, January 29, 2012

ramps 1.4

well the other day my ramps board got here, i have not been able to fully test it just yet. i need to find a power supply now.
i did not get one of the caps soldered so i had to modify a through hole cap to fit in its place.

but i hope to have my mendel wired up with the rest of the endstops soon, i also need to get my hands on a base plate soon.

but today i will still try to wire up one of my new stepper motors to see and make sure i know what there supposed to be wire like, with any like i will get it right the first time.

i hope by the end of fed i will have another fully working printer, so this should prove to be interesting.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ATX PSU adapter

i am trying to work on a new idea a ATX PSU power adaper for repraps, just to make things a little simpler to wire up.

it is still very much a early idea i think i should add some fusses but i am not sure where they are in eagle just yet. but i would like feedback on them too, i would like to know what other people would like too see on a board like this,

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


this is interesting a plastic that absorbs co2

lcd and case

i got a few more of the parts i was waiting for, and a serial lcd kit from sparkfun. it gave me a few ideas so i wanted to try it out.

i got all the steppers i needed now too. so i am getting closer to getting my Mendel build i hope to order the ramps board next week

it is getting there piece by piece, but it dose feel nice to be able to test some of the parts out now at least.
i like the vertical x axis but i can now see it has a few drawbacks that i was not thinking about. like how much it might limit my print height.

i just need a little help with the software to get it to put the data i need out to a port so that it can be displayed.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

handy little part

i made some spool hubs today for my spools you can find the files here

i have finally been getting some prints out for the people that want there own printers from me, it feels allot better to get some of there orders done, but mad it feels like slow progress some days, i hope these help too.

any how happy new years