Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ATX PSU adapter

i am trying to work on a new idea a ATX PSU power adaper for repraps, just to make things a little simpler to wire up.

it is still very much a early idea i think i should add some fusses but i am not sure where they are in eagle just yet. but i would like feedback on them too, i would like to know what other people would like too see on a board like this,

1 comment:

  1. good idea - especially for homebrew / nonstandard electronics.

    Note that the latest official version has an atx socket and a 4-pin disk drive power socket - it allows you to draw more power from the psu for heated beds, etc as the psu often has more than 1 12v separate circuits.

    I've still got the original 4-pin disk drive power sockets on each of my boards - but you quickly run out of plugs ( 4 driver boards + heater board)