Tuesday, February 28, 2012

im so close i can almost taste it

getting there

well i am almost there yet again, i have most of my wiring done now just need some more ribon cable and have to get 1 more opto mounted i made this little guy for that task thingiverse.com/thing:18293

i still need to find a power supply for it, i am thinking i will have to find another computer psu nothing else i have found so far is what i need.

but i am liking what i see now more and more. i want to try printing with sd on this one, but i guess i will have to see when i can get the spare money for the reader first.

i am working on a few other modifications for it still i hope to post those when they are ready, some time soon.

i will also start trying to modify sprinter so that it can use the lcd too, i hope i can do allot with that in time. i work better with hardware than software though, so yay.

Monday, February 20, 2012



i just thought i would try to share this with more people and i think it is a worthy project to support so if ya can support them, i did.

i think this is what more companies need to try to do, to keep people working and help out our community too.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hot end

I am getting things closer now. Here are Andrew quick pics. I will post more tomorrow I had to make a piece to mount the hot end with. I think it worked well. But I hope it will not get too hot. It is printed with PLA.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

doing some work on my prints

it is uncleaned still

i have been trying to work on the quality of my prints, this was made at .20mm/ layer and i like what i am seeing

i ended up ordering some parts like the thick sheets, i was trying to source something locally but nothing is going to work, thought i did find a glass shop that will do what i need for a hot bed, so i am thinking i may go that route too, i looked at ponoko for some things but for some reason they wanted 80 for shipping 

i have a few things i want to try still with this new machine but that will take a little time to try.

i was looking at the Wallace on the main reprap page, and i think i might turn my Huxley into one of them after i get my Mendel made, i like the simplicity of it, so i thought i might try to build one.